• Image of Meshelle Designer Photoshop & Lightroom  Actions/Presets PLUS EDITING VIDEO

Meshelle Photography Designer Actions and Presets. Get them all for Photoshop, ACR, and Lightroom and Speed up your workflow. Also includes WEB FIle Editing Videos to show just how I use my Actions for Simple Clean editing.

Includes Full Action Set & Mini Action Set for quicker Edits and workflow.

Designer Set Actions:
Baby Light
Baby Pop
Michelle's Cream
Baby Soft
Baby Vignette
Ack! Purple!
Baby Details
Fluorescent Fingers
Image Smoothing
Skin Tone Enhance
Skin Tone Enhance and Spot Fix
Skin Tone Spot Fix
Print Sharpen
Paint on Softness
Jaundice Relief
High Key BW
Deeper BW
Soft But Moody BW
Blanket Fae/Color Vignette
Matte with Add-ons
Red Newborn
Golden Child

Mini Action Set

Outdoor Workflow Action
Outdoor Workflow Light Tone Action
Outdoor Workflow Cool
Outdoor Workflow Moody Matte
Outdoor Workflow Light Matte
Optional Warming.
Optional Cooling/Jaundice Be Gone
Basic Indoor Newborn
Indoor Newborn Light Tone
Indoor Newborn Neutral
Indoor Jaundice Workflow
Indoor Newborn Matted

Also Includes Lightroom and ACR Presets-

LIghtroom/ ACR Adjustment Presets
Ack Purple
Background Deep (Green Blues)
Background Enhance
Background Enhance Warm
Background Restore Blue
Background Restore
Background Restore Deep
Base Smoothing
Blanket Vignette
Detail Pop
Detail Pop Light
Dodging Heavy
Dodging Light
Even Skin Brush
Fluorescent FIngers 1
Fluorescent Fingers light
Highlight Recovery
Highlight Recovery LIght
Less Pink Baby
Paint On Vignette
Red Blotch Fix
Skin 2 (Less Pink)
The Background Brush

Lightroom/ ACR Develop Presets
Base Workflow
Base Workflow 2
Base Workflow No exposure
Base Workflow Plus Boost
Base Workflow Plus warming
Base Workflow Soft
Base Workflow, highlight recovery
Base Workflow BW
Base Workflow BW No exposure
Base Workflow BW exposure
Dramatic BW
Dramatic BW minus exposure
Dramatic BW no exposure
Extra Warm
Extra Warm Gentle
Gentle Pop Workflow
Gentle Pop Workflow, No exposure
Gentle Pop Workflow No HSL Adjust
Gentle Pop Workflow Highlight Recovery
Gentle Pop Workflow No warming
Golden Soft Workflow
Half Color Correction Workflow
Half Color Correction Workflow- No exposure
High Key BW
High Key BW- No exposure
Jaundice Workflow
Jaundice Workflow LIght (no exposure)
Jaundice, No Exposure
Less Dramatic BW
Light Color Adjust Workflow
Lower Contract Workflow
Matted Workflow
Matted Workflow Warm
Matted Workflow, No exposure
Skin 1
Skin 2 Less Pink
Soft But Moody BW
Spotlight Vignette
Spotlight Vignette Dramatic
Too Bright, Too Cool
Very LIght Warmth

Editing Videos Available that showcase these actions in Use. In my Photographers Resource Bundle. Please Note these actions were Previously Sold with/ Pure Photoshop Actions for Photographers. No refunds on Digital purchases. Instant Download email will be sent after purchase. Any questions please ask before purchasing.

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