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Newborn Poser How To Guides

How To Resting Pose, Womb, Side lie, Tushie, Taco, Relaxed and Wrapped.

The number one question I always receive is, what is under the blanket? How is baby lying on the beanbag? Well, now all secrets revealed exactly what is under the blankets and how to use them to achieve perfect posing.

These are full visual layouts on where poser is on the beanbag and where the baby is on the poser. This is not simply a peak under the blanket or draw on visual of where the poser is, BUT actually the poser on top of blanket and baby on poser so you can fully see where the baby is positioned on the poser and where on the bean bag.

These How to Guides are part of a FULL newborn Guide that I have been working on for several years and I am pre-releasing these to help those achieve easier and better posing with just one simple poser. These How to Guides show full visual of where poser is with several angle shots and brief step by step explanation of pose and what to look for to make sure you nailed the pose. 21 Pages full of how to place poser and pose baby.

These How To Guides are designed to help you with using a posing pillow, I, however, do not endorse any ONE poser pillow as I believe you can achieve this very similar posing with many of the on the market posers. I personally love Little Dreamer Prop Posers and Pose me Baby Posers, but again you could use a poser you already have. This just shows you how to!

This is for photographers personal use only, not meant to be used for teaching other photographers. If you are interested in becoming a mentor please contact me for a future project I am working on. But please do not share or reproduce these.

Newborn Poser How to Guides Cover the following poses
Wrapped On Bean Bag

BONUS: Also included with your Full Newborn Poser How to Guides PDF you also receive a Sticky Album for Mobile devices to use during your sessions and help you along the way. All information for Sticky Album is included in your Newborn Poser How to Guide PDF.

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Behind the Scenes Image Credit- Nicole McDaniel, Meagan Wood Guerrero, Angela Johnson. Thank you, Ladies, for these amazing shots of me working.

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